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  • Black Rhodium Twist Bi-Wire Classic Speaker Cable 3M
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  • Black Rhodium Twist Bi-Wire Classic Speaker Cable
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Twist Bi-Wire Classic




A couple of decades ago, Bi-Wiring of loudspeakers was very popular and most cable suppliers offered almost as many 4 core cables for Bi-Wiring loudspeakers as 2 core cables.


Whilst the historic popularity of Bi-Wiring has ensured that most loudspeakers are manufactured with separate terminals for high and low frequencies, Bi-Wiring is used far less today, with most people using high quality branded jumper leads to connect the drivers for high and low frequencies.


Twist Bi-Wire Classic announces to all that the Bi-Wire cable is back.


Twist Bi-Wire Classic is manufactured from Black Rhodium Twist loudspeaker cable.


Twist itself is a very special cable. It has achieved top 5 Star awards from several hi-fi magazines as well as a ‘Cable of the Year’ award. Its special secret lies in its double thickness insulation which doubles the distance between current carrying conductors, reducing the strength of the magnetic field that each conductor imposes on the other.

The result is a smoother and more natural sound than cables with thinner insulation. And Twist is extremely competitively priced for a genuine hi-fi cable.


Twist Bi-Wire Classic uses two lengths of twist cable per channel, one for the high frequencies and one for the low frequencies. But it is the way in which Twist Bi-Wire Classic is assembled and terminated that really gives its performance the edge.


Hi-Fi Choice recommended.











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Twist Bi-Wire Classic Speaker Cable

Twist Bi-Wire Classic Speaker Cable

Black Rhodium Twist Bi-Wire Classic Speaker Cable